Keep Portland Cleared!

you have a BUDDY in the junk business

What do you need to consider when looking at junk removal Companies?

Well, of course, licensing and insurance, granted! We have all that!

How big is your truck?

Ours is Eleven Cubic Yards, big to huge for most jobs.

Do you recycle?


We Recycle everything we can and then get rid of the trash, garbage, and waste for you at waste transfer station.

But, really can't anybody come and remove my old appliances and dirty smelly mattress?

We guess that's ok, but will they do it with style and grace as Buddy would?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a BUDDY in the junk removal business? Of course, it would! Buddy is the friend in junk hauling you have been looking for.

No more need to beg the one friend you have with a truck for a dump run.  Chances are Buddy is down the road, removing a hot tub, getting rid of old furniture or mountains of yard debris. 

Craigslist Junk Hauler

We are very impressed by your friends loading skills tho!

Viking Style Junk Removal

With Buddy’s Junk we easily free your yard, garage and home of the old junk you have been dying to get rid of. We even make those donations to Goodwill, clutter good byes, Eco-Friendly in all ways when possible, mattress recycling.

Our favorite words in Junk are remove, take away, haul, lift, grunt, clean, clear, reliable, local (not some goliath 800 number pay extra for my advertising costs) affordable, handsome, funny, viking powered, same day service, responsible junk fighting crew.

buddy's Been recommended big time!

Check Out Yelp !!
"I had a couch that I needed to get rid of ASAP since it was becoming a bit of a homeless nap spot after garbage didn't pick it up on the curb." more...
"Quick, inexpensive and friendly service! Nice guys, too! Five stars all around. Thank you, I will definitely be calling again!"

Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)