Keep Portland Cleared!

you have a BUDDY in the junk business

Portland's Most Fun Man In Junk, Buddy!

Hey, everybody, it’s Buddy Wallingford with Buddy’s Junk Removal & Recycling. Let me start by clearing something up. We do recycle as much material as we can, by saying this we carefully sort our junk and rubbish for the day, so when we bring it to the transfer stations around the Portland Metro area, it ends up in the right place.

We have had many calls thinking we are a place to bring your junk and recycling, we are a local junk removal and hauling business in Portland. We work all of the suburbs around Portland, OR too. Newberg South, Banks West, Corbett East, and the glorious Columbia River North. We don’t want to work in WA as we like to Keep Oregon Clean first and foremost!

We may or may not be the cheapest junk hauling business in Portland and its suburbs, however, what we do charge is fair, and a win-win for you, (our clients) and us; strong, happy, funny men taking mountains of the unwanted things away from our lives to the proper disposal locations! Our Motto is “Keep Portland Cleared!”

It does not matter that we are the “junk hauling company near me,” we travel to all the little towns and neighborhoods of the Portland Metro area, so we are almost sure to be the “junk removal near me” soon response to your search. Get in the schedule, give us a call, share some pictures of that junk pile and “poof” taken away.

Our Viking pal Buddy (yes, that is his real name) was born in Portland, OR, he is a local son and attended Scappoose High School.


Buddy was a part of the 2000 AAA High School Championship Football Team. “The Scappoose Indians Win!”  The Moose from Scappoose was on that team too. 


Buddy’s is a family business; he was taught and started working for his Dad’s company while still in high school, he liked how brawny he became by working in the summers and weekends with his Dad. He worked in the business for over ten years before deciding it was best for a young family that he saves and gathers his resources to buy a truck and become a success for his clients and the ones he loves.

Buddy does work hard, but he also has fun, he loves playing bass in a band, covering his favorite songs, and spending time with good friends too. Many of his friends are the people he met while helping with their junk problems


One thing that drives Buddy f!&$i#g crazy are unlicensed drug addict Craigslist guys willing to illegally take and often illegally dump junk and garbage in our beautiful and pristine nature/forests. 


Here is how it all works: Call us, we quickly look at our schedule to see when we will be in your area, once scheduled we provide a 2-hour window of arrival, however at times we have to call and adjust the arrive time with you. We don’t want to leave you waiting and are respectful of your time. We then assess your situation; many times, we adjust the price in your favor because what you need doing is underwhelming. If your things are still good, not all damaged and could benefit someone else, we even run those things to Goodwill too.

Sometimes we do get calls thinking we are a truck driving around picking up your junk and garbage for free. We do not work for the cities or counties where you live. We are a business for profit (albeit minimal profit) and not wealthy enough for the philanthropic enterprises we all dream of doing. We do, however, charge less than our bid at times when people are kind, salt of the earth type people so be aware, be warned and be on your best behavior. Ha!

Farewell to the Mess

We are ready to tackle and battle that junk pile, old hot tub, battered refrigerator, warm freezer, stinky carpet, busted furniture, lumpy mattress, ugly dresser, broken water heater, dog stained sofa, televisions (accidentally kicked when the Trail Blazers lose), waterfall squirting plumbing fixtures, leaky toilets, desks with one leg shorter than the other, cardboard forts made from appliance boxes, yard debris, hideous lamp your mom made you take with you, wagon wheel coffee tables, the one BBQ dinner too many grill, that treadmill that we only used once back in 1997, piles for miles, un building materials, and another man's treasure (one man's junk).

buddy's Been recommended big time!

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"I had a couch that I needed to get rid of ASAP since it was becoming a bit of a homeless nap spot after garbage didn't pick it up on the curb." more...
"Quick, inexpensive and friendly service! Nice guys, too! Five stars all around. Thank you, I will definitely be calling again!"

Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)