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Buddy’s Junk Donates 75+ Mattresses to Local Families

Buddy “Delivers!” 75+ Local Families Sleeping Soundly on Donated Mattresses Thanks to Local Junk Hauler.

 This week a neighborhood junk removal company brought comfort to local families in need with the help of Community Warehouse with a donation of over 75+ queen mattresses and matching boxsprings. 

Earlier this week a local business contacted Buddy’s Junk looking to have over 75+ high-quality clean mattresses hauled away. While the business suggested that the mattresses could be resold, Buddy Wallingford (The ‘Buddy’ in Buddy’s Junk) had another idea.

Buddy Wallingford, a local (Robin Hood “man in tights”) knew exactly what to do with the mattresses. Having been personally rewarded many times by seeing families light up as he brought more and more furniture and household items to Community Warehouse.  He loves the feeling of contributing to those that really need these items and good warm fuzzies!

Buddy knew this job was nothing short of Santa style community support at its best. 

Upon receiving the call on Friday morning, Buddy immediately knew this was the community support jackpot!  So in order to make sure he got this job, he quoted his removal – which took over 5 days and several truckloads – well below his standard rate.

This last week, Buddy and Soloman went to the company that was swapping out expensive, clean mattress sets and spent 8+ hours each day taking several loads for donation.

It was a tough gig overall, many truckloads were needed. He overwhelmed the Portland Community House and was directed to the Tualatin Community house as well.

The director, Veronica at Community House was thrilled to get all the mattresses and even called the company that was going to dump all the mattresses in a landfill, she expressed her gratitude in bunches. The company who hired buddy were so honored and impressed, that they agreed to work with Buddy in the coming year to donate as many nightstands and dressers to the local Community Warehouses. 

I like this and it is directly from the Community Warehouse site

“Life is better when a house is a home.
Home is at the center of every person’s well-being and livelihood. We believe there are enough beds, blankets, pots and pans, and furnishings circulating in our community for everyone.
You’ve likely heard of a food bank?
Our furniture bank mission is similar, except we focus on household goods and furnishings.
We connect donated household goods and furnishings to our neighbors in need, creating stronger home foundations and brighter futures.”

Buddy’s First Thought is Can This Object Be Reused?

Wallingford informed the business who hired him of the donations, and they were surprised and thrilled to be able to be a part of this gesture. They were so pleased, that they agreed to work with Buddy’s Junk in this coming year to donate as many nightstands and dressers to the local Community Warehouses.

Out With The Old, In With The New

If you have furniture to donate to our Community, please reach out to Community Warehouse, if it is heavy and there is a lot of it, please call Buddy, he definitely discounts nice items that can be reused by needy families trying to leave the streets of Portland’s downtown and suburbs.

Explanation of what gets done by Community Warehouse

Community Warehouse handles the what if people from all over the Portland Metro community, from Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn can bring household goods and furniture they no longer need to donate it. People from Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Gresham bring things like pots and pans, toasters, dining tables, and chairs, mattresses, dressers, lamps, alarm clocks and more.  What if people and families in need who have no furniture or dishes or linens could come to this warehouse with their caseworkers and get everything they need to turn their empty housing into comfy homes?

Video About Portland’s Community Warehouse

This would mean families would have a dining table to sit at in a place where they could eat meals with their own dishes, drink a cup of coffee and, do homework.  Think about children who were sleeping on the floor now have beds and blankets to sleep with and that morning alarm clock rings to wake them up so they can get to school on time. So day in and day out this warehouse would fill with donations that will go right to the families in need and what if over a year’s time this meant 460 tons of goods were kept out of landfills?  Thousands of goods going into the community to those who need them most. That’s getting a new use of goods given to good people with powerful needs. This place really exists, Buddy loves what they do and have done for so many families. If you have items to share with good life left in them, call Buddy, and do good deeds, Robin Hood-style donation helps us keep the torch lit for good faith and better living for all.

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