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Our truck’s name is ladybug because it looked like a giant red bug.  My mom gave me some of the money for it about seven years ago when she realized I was really liking this work.  She owns a business called ladybug rugs, she crochets really awesome rugs with great patterns. She crochets for a retirement/hobby job and she lives on the coast.  I bought it from a landscaping company called Mowtown’s Mowers and when they stripped all their logos off, it was this big red and black cab-over truck, it was so buggy looking, it seemed fitting.   Now I had this huge red truck, so to honor my mom, Ladybug was brought to life. We have to have a sense of humor when doing work like this. It can be tiring, tedious, and terrible at times. Junk removal is rewarding too, and having help with people like Soloman just makes the days fun, rewarding and full of good stories and time well spent.  Thank you Mom, Love you so much!!

Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)