F.A.Q. Buddy

Most frequent questions and answers to life's junky moments

Are you a local company ?

I am born and raised in the Portland area, originally from Scappoose, one of not many who can say that.  We are native Oregonians, immune to rain, growing traffic and with small-time prices, we are not paying crazy fees that the big guys charge their franchised business.  I love servicing our community and seek to make it better and definitely cleaner!  No 800 numbers needed here folks.

Do you work on weekends?

We work weekends too, and we do this based on what other jobs we have in the area, I try not to book too many jobs on the weekend, I am in Dad mode too, so for that reason they are first come first served kind of days!  Life Balance Rules…

Can we bring you our junk ?

We get many calls where people think they will load their things and want to bring them to us, we are haulers, Metro does recommend us and a place, but we haul everything to them.  If you have a small load it is way cheaper to just take the load to Metro yourself.  Call us in when it is heavy to lift, too many and numerous to wrestle, awkwardly shaped and not fun, we like the challenge, and we are ready to help.

Do you do Eviction cleanout?

From start to finish we will remove it all quickly and carefully, careful not to damage walls or doorways.  We are only invested in removing those contents that have to go to either donation places like Goodwill, and Community Warehouse (which we use often).  We understand the sensitive nature of this type of situation.  We are discreet and can offer you an estimate of cleanout through good photos of the situation.  We can take the trash any damaged items or again, anything to be donated.

Do you do commercial work?

We absolutely do commercial and residential services.  We recently had to do the 18th-floor cleanout of an entire office, we had to do this after hours and worked till 3 am to get it all done.  Many contractors love us too because we are timely and are there to bust it out and get it done.  Almost said (bust ass) there.  

How much does it cost for cleanout and hauling services?

Pricing can range, for all realty from $50 to full truckloads being $545.  We determine price mainly on how much room the job takes up in the truck.  Make sense?  We might grab a quick mattress from someone, or we may clean out an entire back yard including cinder blocks, tree limbs, and old car parts, who knows.  What is best is calling us or send us some photos se we can see what we are up against.  

Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)