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Junk Removal Portland is becoming more difficult


My name is Buddy Wallingford, I own a small junk removal Portland business named Buddy’s Junk Removal & Recycling. I started thinking this morning about how Portland used to be the leader in recycling items so they just did not end up in our landfills. I have been noticing that this has become less of a priority in Portland and I have become very discouraged. Things that never would have been thrown away before are now being included in our landfills, things like construction debris, yard waste & debris, appliances, furniture, boxes, clothes, tvs, and even auto parts. I often wonder how this is happening in Portland more and more and have been starting to see a few things that are disturbing.

  1. Other junk haulers are not sorting their items, this is a gigantic problem as these companies lower wages, the employees are in a rush to get to the next job so these junk removal employees are less careful and throw it all away in bulk.
  2. People who do bring things to Portland Metro Disposal sites do not know what can or can’t be recycled, they are just tossing it all away because they don’t know any better.
  3. Metro Disposal has really only been strict about hazardous materials and less about typically recycled materials.

junk removal portland

I love the role I play in junk removal here in Portland. I value where I live and I enjoy being a big part of keeping Portland Green.

Here are some tips for you from the Metro Transfer Stations

Separate like items: Sort and separate recyclables in your load for a $3 rebate on your disposal charge for less than 100 pounds of recyclables, or a $6 rebate for 100 pounds or more. Put your recyclables on the top or at one end of your load, so they are easily separated at the transfer station. Separating other similar items, like wood or garbage, makes your drop-off easier.

Batteries are hazardous: Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries like the ones in many cell phones and computers. They can cause fires in piles of garbage or recycling. Keep all types of batteries separated from other materials.


Know what’s in your load: (use Metro’s online tool) Be prepared to describe the contents of your load to the attendant at the disposal site. If you’ve separated your recyclables, hazardous waste and appliances, you’ll be directed to areas designated for those materials. Then you will dispose of the remainder of your load inside the transfer stat

We believe junk removal Portland is sacred!

Buddy’s loves being a part of the overall solution. Keep Portland Clean, Keep Portland Weird, Keep Portland Cleared!

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