Keep Portland Cleared!

you have a BUDDY in the junk business

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Junk hauling and cleanouts can be a huge time suck for you.  

Plus you get dirty, sweaty and if you don’t have a truck big enough it may require multiple trips.  A friend of mine told me an interesting story about time.  

He said “I am a city kid, I bought a house in Portland and now I had a big yard to take care of.  I got my lawnmower, hedge trimmers, rakes and gloves and wheelbarrows and every other tool I have not really used before.  My wife was always on me to get out working on the yard as weeds and leaves and long grass moved in. It was a totally hot day.  A Saturday no less. I am pushing the mower at 10 am and I realize I hate what I am doing. These Saturdays would bleed into Sundays and my whole weekend was gone.  I remembered a landscaper put a flyer in my mailbox, I went to find it as the idea of losing another weekend was out of the question. I told my wife I am not doing the yard anymore.  She was mad, she thought it was crazy to pay someone to take care of our yard. Angry and loud! Then I showed her the math. When I work (at the time he was a real estate appraiser) I made $50 to $125 per hour, why would I spend 8 to 12 hours every weekend doing something I hate?  She still did not understand. The only thing that we as humans are completely equal to is time. I could pay someone $225 per month to buy my 4 weekends back, I felt like a genius! So at lets say $75 X 10 hrs X 4 weeks = $3,000! I felt rich and justified. I still don’t think my wife understands this.”

Lesson = Enjoy your time, pay someone to do the things you do not like to do.  I Buddy for some strange reason love throwing junk and stuff around! I am loony I know, hire me to get your time back, feel rich and enjoy your time and money saved.  Ha!  Also, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

 When you call you will be able to ask me about pricing and availability, we work the whole Portland Metro area and we like to book with people as we are in their area.  We also like to give a 2-hour window, because some of the jobs we get to are not described well and may take us longer than we anticipate. Portland traffic may be a problem as well, it has really changed the last few years.

Junk removal is an as-needed service to remove just about any kind of trash, clutter, and piles removed from your home or business. We haul everything from large items like furniture, sofas, beds, box springs and so many old appliances, and small items in the plenty like yard debris, packaging, scraps and the little things that make big piles.  We leave you with a broom swept space in your garages, basements, yards, storage units, and businesses. We do a lot of work for portland area builders, apartment management companies and we bust up tons of old hot tubs! We pick up all kinds of trash all over town, we do lots of real estate cleanouts and so much construction debris, Tyvek, plywood, shingles, scraps of all kinds. We take it all!  Ooops forgot to mention everything but, hazardous materials. This type of hazardous waste has to be handled by hazardous waste crews (hazmat team). We abide by state regulations and work with Metro transfer stations so we are a part of the environmental solutions. We love to work on everything that won’t damage our environment. I love to garden and a green metro is king!   

So make an appointment now, we will put aside some room on our truck for your junk mountain, broken toys and sloping hills of slop.  Viking strong, and, destroying the dilapidated we shoulder the load so you don’t have to. The junkman express is the secret to a long life and a clear mind and rooms.



Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)