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11 Yards of Junk


This Bed Can Hold 9 Refrigerators 

How We Charge for Junk Hauling?

Your Budget Dictates Our Price

Everyone’s situation is different, so our cost always depends on your needs what we will be hauling.  We mainly charge based on how much junk and the space it takes up in our truck. Our prices are upfront and include all labor and disposal fees.

We Typically Can Tell You on the Phone How Much

We have been doing this for a long time so give Buddy an idea of what you need hauled away and he can let you know up front what it will be.  Better yet, send some photos and he will be locked into what you and Buddy agree upon.  UPLOAD PHOTOS!

Let’s Get to Work!

If you are happy with the price we will give you a 2-hour window and we will let you know when we are on the way to you so you are not stuck wondering what is going on.  We do our best to make your time our priority, but Portland area traffic is not always so cooperative.

Eco-friendly Green Disposal Practices

Our crews take the material we haul away to licensed recycling and disposal facilities around the Portland Area Metro. We work with disposal sites to recycle and reuse as much of what we bring to them.  We also donate to your favorite charities, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and our personal favorite Community WarehouseCo

Keep Portland Cleared! (and weird!)