Keep Portland Cleared!

you have a BUDDY in the junk business

Your online reviews allow us to know how we are doing.

We want to understand our actions to learn if they are right or wrong.

Today we all have the answers to who does a good job right at our fingertips. If we have a question we need to be answered, we reach into our pocket, pull out a smartphone, and voila we have the answer in seconds!  So cool, but it has made many small businesses susceptible to reviews being a big reason why someone chooses one business over another.

I love the work that Buddy's Junk just did!

Reviews are the modern word of mouth advertising of the past. We hope that when you searched for us by typing in “junk removal near me” that we show up as a well reviewed business near you.


Mobile devices are significantly accelerating our purchase process and decisions. People quickly go from an awareness or investigation phase right to the decision phase in a matter of seconds.

So for that matter, as a small business, if we at “Buddy’s Junk Removal & Recycling” did a good job, please leave us a good review.  However, if we did something wrong, please call 971-300-3582 and let us know how we might be able to fix what went wrong, we are not perfect but we believe in standing tall and taking the heat when we mess up.

For the most part price and services are going to be fairly similar when it comes to many things but not with Junk Hauling.  We know that the big Junk King type 800 junk places don’t give you that super helpful and caring vibe, they run everything by the numbers.